Ring Necked Pheasants


Mabo & Fudge on a day we bagged out.

Pheasants are my second favourite quarry after quail. There is a degree of skill in getting a cunning late season rooster, and these birds can be very, very hard to get on to.

They are bigger than quail so easier to hit, but still very quick and where I shoot, usually in thick stuff so it is unusual to get them in open air. They will have trees and cover to duck behind, and will use that to get away from the gun. Some will rocket straight up in the open, but most of the birds I chase are in thick cover and require a quick snap shot before they get away.

My dogs seem to prefer pheasant shooting that quail shooting as quail will jump from random spots including behind or to the sides. Pheasants typically flush close to their nose, and they make a better retrieve. Mabo is indifferent to retrieving ducks, geese, swans and quail and will generally let Bruce bring anything back he has found. With Pheasants he refuses to give up a bird that he has found first.

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