Nor-Vise Automatic Bobbin Review

I have used the Nor-Vise Automatic Bobbin for two years, and strongly recommend it to all fly tiers.

The video explains the real advantage of the Automatic Bobbin. For those who have not used one the automatic retracting feature speeds up tying and is an absolute pleasure to use, which is why I am strongly recommending it.

There are a couple of issues with learning to use the Automatic Bobbin. The thread will pull through the tube requiring rethreading if you do not keep hold of the thread. This takes a little getting used to.

The bobbin tube is narrower than many of the tubes my other bobbins have, which means that it is not easy to thread without a bobbin threader. Other bobbins I can thread without a threader as they have wider tubes.

The narrow tube means that two wire threaders are not really easy to use. The solution to this problem is to use a Stonfo Single Wire Bobbin Threader. This makes threading quick and easy.

The other issue with the narrow Automatic Bobbin tube is that it quickly collects small amounts of thread at the bottom of the tube. This makes threading the bobbin harder, so it needs to be cleaned fairly regularly. The Griffin Threader Cleaner set solves this problem, with the thinner of the two cleaners being the perfect size for the Automatic Bobbin tube.

Having to fill Nor-Vise spools with different threads and having to change the spools when changing colours is a little time consuming, but worth it. As a minimalist tyer I decided to only have one bobbin with plenty of spools, and that has worked well for me. Getting the Single Wire threader made a huge difference to using the bobbin, so switching spools does not take long.

I have used a fair range of different threads on the bobbin, and it has handled them all well.

Others may prefer other types of Bobbins. Personal preference will dictate bobbin choice. At the same time if you have not used the Nor-Vise Automatic Bobbin it is a strongly recommended product. Just also purchase the Stonfo Single Wire Threader, and have something to clean the Bobbin tube regularly.