Trout Spey Flies II – Wee Wets & Soft Hackles

The next category of flies are wee wets & soft hackles, and have been chosen for durability, speed of tying and having available materials – or the ability to harvest materials. I shot a starling for tying spiders, ducks for the other flies and a friend gave me a partridge he had shot. These include:

Black Spider    #16

Pheasant & Partridge #14

Mallard & Red #12 & 14

Parrie & Red #12 & 14

Western Coachman #12 & 14

Coch-y-Bondhu #14 & 16

Partridge & Orange #14

The duck flies are based on a mallard & claret pattern – but I don’t have any claret coloured body materials and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and a red body easily so I have just tied them with a red body.

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