Review – Smith Creek Rig Keeper

One of the single most useful pieces of fishing gear I have used in my entire fishing career is the Smith Creek Rig Keeper.

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of gear that allows the angler to keep a series of two fly rigs ready to go at any time, saving knot tying time on the water and providing a tidy method of keeping two fly rigs. I tie all my rigs at home in good light without the pressure of a fish that may disappear while I am trying to tie three knots for a new three fly rig. 

Previous to getting the rig keeper I used to keep rigs in my shirt pockets. They used to get tangled, and it was a very inefficient way of maintaining double fly rigs.

I am lucky enough to have good short sight so tying knots is easy, but it is still time consuming on the river. This does not matter much during the day, but on the brief evening rise tying three knots in low light when using size 14s & 16s costs fish. The Smith Creek Rig Keeper keeps the number of knots down to one, because I have pre tied my knots at home in good light.

I have three Rig Keepers, and always carry two. I have one for fishing the evening rise, which has six mayfly and emerger rigs and two sedge & emerger rigs. I have one for river nymphs and one for terrestrials. If I start fishing lakes more I will add another with lake rigs.

This product is one I believe every fly fisherman should have at least one if not two of. Being able to tie in good light at home when there is not a cruising fish getting away from you is worth every cent of the price of the rig keeper. Being able to quickly change rigs in low light is also worth every cent of the price of the rig keeper.

I’d go as far as saying this is the only piece of fly fishing gear I would rate a “Must Purchase” for every fly fisherman. Other gear can be substituted and there are legitimate arguments for and against all the gear I use. Personal preference comes into the gear a fisherman uses, and different fishing styles affect choices anglers make.

I do not know any substitutes for the Smith Creek Rig Keeper, so it is a must buy item that will allow you to catch many more fish and not have the frustration of having to tie knots when fish are feeding close to you. If you have to pull out reading glasses to tie knots then you would be crazy not to have several of these on you every time you go fishing.