Where are the Fish? Drift Diving

I’ve never been very good at fishing blind. I know the theory, I can demonstrate it to others I am teaching to fish and I do catch some fish but basically I cannot get motivated to fish blind. I am a hunter, and I like to see the fish I am hunting before casting.

Twelve years of sight fishing demonstrated that accuracy & presentation is the far more important than fly patterns. Having the evolutionary advantage of being colour blind means my selection of colour is very limited because I cannot see different colours. Fortunately the fish don’t seem to care much as long as I put a fly that looks like food in front of them so they don’t have to move too much to take.

I’m not willing to take a trial and error approach to fishing blind, even if it is with a two hander. I want to know where the fish hold at different times of the day, especially where in the water column as sight fishing getting the flies to the level of the fish is pretty crucial if you want to get a take.

This means doing something I have wanted to do for a long time, buy a wet suit and mask & snorkel and drift dive the pools I fish the most often in different conditions. This way I will have a far better idea of where the fish are when I cannot see them.