What Colour Dog?

There are all sorts of prejudices for the colour of a dog, just like there are for the breed of dog. I like black labs, and I don’t want to risk training up a dog only for it to be no good and need to be given away.

Lucy showing off dirt. Bruce does not show it, demonstrating the advantage of having a black dog.

Yellow labs are very good for hunting on dusk, as you can see them when you lose your black lab. This can be handy, but the downside is they stick out when sitting on a dam, and while some say they don’t spook ducks I don’t want to risk it.

Unlike Black Labs, Yellow Labs show dirt, and I am always mindful that I might end up with a girlfriend who objects to a dirty dog. I don’t believe in washing dogs, and I don’t want to end up arguing about whether my dogs need washing.

Chocolates have a reputation for having had their brains bred out of them. I am not sure if this is true, and Fudge was a good dog, but I have hunted with others that are stupid. Too many chocolates have light eyes, and an ex girlfriend who was off a farm told me never to get an animal with light eyes.

The risks of getting a dud dog are too high for me to want to take a punt on a bitch, a chocolate or another breed. Black dogs work for me, and I don’t want to end up disappointed.