by Simon Lusk


Mabo with our limit, last day of the season. Cabela’s Vest and Remington 1130 G3.

I am fanatical about gear. I want gear that always performs, and gear that can handle rough treatment during a long and tough season.

Most of my hunting clothing comes from Cabelas. I get a pair of Boar Hide pants every season, and use their Classic II Upland Vest in blaze. I have a Cabela’s shooting shirt, but have been disappointed with these lately as they have come thinner so do not protect me from the gorse and blackberry.

I’ve got four guns, two Remington 1100 G3s in Left Hand, a twelve gauge Beretta 686E and a twenty gauge Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon. The Remington 1100 I can shoot off balance and still expect to drop most birds as it fits and shoots naturally for me. The Berettas require better technique.

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