Winchester Super Pheasant 20g

For two seasons I have been using Winchester Super Pheasant 3 inch 1 ¼ oz #5 in my 20 gauges. This has replaced the Remington Nitro Pheasant that is no longer available in New Zealand in 20 gauge.

Mabo, Bruce & Dave on a day we bagged out with two shots of Winchester Super Pheasant 20g #5. The second bird was a cunning rooster that jumped a long way out before the dogs had even hit his scent and he went down hard at long range.

To say this shot is impressive is a complete understatement. It is an incredible shot that has exceptional knockdown power at long range. I have not actually tested the ballistics or patterned it in direct comparison to the Nitro Pheasant, but anecdotally it appears to have a little more range and a fair bit more knock down power.

The Super Pheasant shot itself looks a bit rough. It will sometimes have dings in straight out of the box, so it does not look like it is the precision machined shot that the Nitro Pheasant is. This is purely cosmetic though, and the shot is something I am recommending to all my friends.