by Simon Lusk


Bruce with six deer we fluked one night.

Roasting venison is very easy once you know what you are doing, and it usually comes out very tender if it has settled properly. I like rump roasts, and I also like a venison pie with leftovers.


1. Remove any fascia or tendons. This is not essential but does make eating the meat easier.

2. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. This crucial as venison put in a cold oven while the oven heats can be tough.

3. Cook until medium rare rather than rare. Rare tastes too gamey for my liking. Check regularly by poking with a pair of tongs. When it is as firm as the heel of your hand when your thumb is up against the side of your hand it will be cook.

4. Let it stand for at least five minutes if not ten.

5. If I want a gravy I usually wrap streaky bacon around the meat before it goes into the oven, as this gives some fat to make gravy with. Most venison will have no fat so does not make a good gravy otherwise.

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