Fishing the Evening Rise VIII – Tying on Flies in Low Light

Fishing the evening rise always means fishing in low light. Tying flies on can be annoying if you are not prepared, and is doubly annoying if there are fish rising around you

Gear:    This is the gear i take out with me every time I fish the evening rise. They make tying knots far easier, so increase the numbers of fish caught.

Headlamp: This is probably the most important thing for anyone fishing in low light. Without a decent headlamp it is far harder to tie knots, let alone get the leader through the eye of the hook. I use the LED Lenser H7R because it comes in a pouch with a belt loop so goes on the belt of my Flint Hills Lumbar Pack.

Smith Creek Rig Keeper:  This is invaluable as you can pre tie emerger and dry rigs and replace what is on your line tying only one knot.

C&F Design Threaders:  These make threading small flies like the #16 & #14 I use on the evening rise far easier to thread.

Barbless Hooks: I fish barbless hooks because i can release fish with my fingers and do not have to get haemostats out of my Lumbar Pack. Having to use haemostats can damage the fly and the leader, meaning replacing flies or retying knots which slows down the process of getting back to fishing to the next fish.

These items will also help short sighted anglers enjoy fishing as tying on flies is far easier.

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