Beretta 686 E Sporting

by Simon Lusk

My first shotgun I purchased a couple of seasons before Fish & Game changed the regulations to allow more than three shots with a semi automatic. I have a dominant left eye, so I needed a left handed gun which are not that easy to come by in New Zealand.

Beretta 686 E Sporting Memory System

Beretta 686 E Sporting Memory System

My mates in England told me the most cost effective good gun was the Beretta 686. There were not any in New Zealand in left hand so I ended up getting one with an adjustable comb. The model is a 686 E Sporting Memory System, which allows me to adjust the comb for others to use.

I put down a few roosters, a few quail and a few ducks with this gun before I started shooting seriously. When I was having a bad season with my Fabarm I went back to this gun and started shooting better, probably because it is quite a lot heavier than the Fabarm.

Now it only gets bought out for a few clay shoots occasionally, and as a loaner for someone I am taking shooting who does not have a gun.

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