Trout Spey Casts

There are huge numbers of videos with huge numbers of different spey casts online. All these can be confusing, and when I have seen others make them there has been way too much movement for my liking.

Twelve years of sight fishing taught me to minimise the movement casting, eliminating false casts and setting up right for the cast before casting. Movement spooks fish, and poor feet position means a poor cast. Not stripping out the line before making a cast means more movement, less accuracy and more fish spooked.

My casting ability with a two handed rod is best described as a work in progress. On a good day I get my timing & technique right and cast effectively for an entire session. On a bad day some casts don’t really work and I don’t get the line flying out every cast.

The combination of technique and the lessons learned about presenting properly means that I have decided to concentrate on very basic casts.

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