Trout Spey Lines

As far as lines go, while I have an extremely good knowledge of what lines I want and why for my single handed rods, I am still very much a novice at two handed rods. I have a preference for integrated lines, and the type of fishing I am doing suggests using a Scandi rather than a Skagit so started out with a Rio Scandi 2wt.

I have a preference for integrated lines rather than heads & running lines because I do not like the loop to loop connections on any of my lines. It feels a little ugly running through the rod guides, and I am so focused on the perfect cast I do not want the mechanically poor loop to loop connection to prevent me from presenting the fly to a fish perfectly first cast.

This meant going for the Rio Intouch Trout Spey 2wt rather than the Rio Intouch Skagit Trout Spey Versitip.

Twelve years of sight fishing means I put a real premium on accuracy first cast. I intend to continue this with my spey fishing, casting to a target even if I cannot see a fish, and working out where in the river the fish are. Having an integrated line may be more expensive because I need two spools, but will improve my accuracy. I fully expect to be casting to fish that rise once, meaning I need to get the fly swinging across the face of the fish quickly if I want to get a take.

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