Camo for Fly Fishing

One of the things that has long perplexed me about trout fishermen is their willingness to wear colours that spook fish.

Fishing is hard enough without giving the fish a big indication that something unnatural is near them. This is why I always wear camo when fishing for trout, no matter the conditions.

This is informed by two complimentary philosophies. Sight fishing for twelve years showed the importance of concealment when stalking a trout. Controlling the controllables is the second. You control what you wear, so there is no excuse for spooking fish through wearing stupid coloured clothing.

A good days fishing can be one fish. You may only get one shot at one feeding fish and this will make the difference between a good and a bad days fishing. So I am never willing to risk spooking a fish by choosing to wear clothes that may spook them.

Trout gear manufacturers seem to have finally understood the importance of camo, with Simms releasing a line of camo waders and clothing. Airflo have a camo range called Covert, which hopefully means the poms I fish with start wearing camo rather than the horrible non earthy colours they usually wear.