Cabela’s Classic II Upland Vest

by Simon Lusk


Cabela’s Classic II Upland Vest, with me, Mabo and a late season rooster Mabo flushed three times, the first two out of range, before he flushed it back towards me.

I’ve had a few vests, and by far the best one is the Cabela’s Classic II Upland Vest. It is an extremely functional vest that bears weight well. Three pheasants are not too heavy for it, which is a huge advantage over other vests.

It has bellows pockets for shells, and they are well designed so it is unusual for shells to fall out of it even when doubled over to get under branches while chasing a dog on a hot scent. The shell holders on the front of the pockets do lose a few shells, and I do not find these as fast as grabbing shells out of the pockets, so I dont use them.

The blood proof game pockets are very good and bear weight exceptionally well. Pheasants seem to travel best in the front pockets, as do quail and rabbits. Hares go best across the back of the vest.