High Energy Potential Flies

I fish a lot, so I go through a lot of flies. I through away any fly with a blunt hook point, so a good days fishing can be as many as two dozen flies. I am a relatively lazy tier too, with the aim of tying any fly in 2 minutes or less. This reduces the amount of materials per fly I am willing to tie with to three.

My hooks are always Kamasan extra heavy hooks as I hate having the hook open on a fish. The flies in this book are all tied on B175s or B200s. Both are extra heavy gauge wire, and both have served me exceptionally well for a long time.

I am badly colour blind, so I do not bother too much with different colours, as I can not see them. The fish do not seem to mind as long as I present the fly correctly, making me think that colour is overrated.

Constant fishing to sighted fish over two decades has convinced me that as long as a fly is well presented and roughly imitates a food source it will be taken. Get the presentation wrong and the fish will refuse far more often than getting the fly to exactly replicate a food source.

All these flies are remarkably simple. They are so simple that they will almost always swim in a realistic manner, so there is nothing in the way they swim that stops a fish from thinking the fly is food.

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