Lusk’s Koura X

Fishing Lusk’s Koura

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My favourite lake to fish is Waikaremoana, which has areas with a clean bottom and plenty of cruising brown trout. The koura fly worked exceptionally well, managing to hook fish in one of the busiest bays on the lake that I had never managed to hook a brown in until I tried the koura fly.

The Waikaremoana fish were extremely aggressive in chasing the fly, and hit very, very hard. Striking was unnecessary.

I was particularly pleased with my first cast. I spotted a large brown lying on the bottom of the lake not moving. These fish can be so indifferent to their surrounds they can be poked with a rod.

I pitched the fly a little ahead of the dozing fish let the fly settle on the bottom and gave it a short twitch. The fish instantly woke up, tore across to the fly and nailed it. The fly worked every bit as well as I had hoped, and was exceptionally easy to tie.A Lake Waikaremoana Brown that took Lusk’s Koura.


I. Lusk’s Koura | II. Further Design Work | III. Trout & Flies for Similar Conditions | IV. Design Features for the Next Prototype | V. Rethinking the Koura Pattern | VI. Prototype 3, 4 & 5 | VII. A Fish Catching Fly | VIII. Further Design Work II | IX. Lusk’s Koura Tying Instructions | X. Fishing Lusk’s KouraXI. The Best Pattern | XII. A Revised Pattern | XIII. A Jig Hook Koura 

This series of articles is available as an ebook on Amazon.