Gear for Upland Shooting

The areas I hunt and the conditions I hunt in require some specialist and hard wearing gear. This starts with a good set of 8 inch boots. The 8 inch boot gives a lot of support which is handy when you are walking on broken ground that often has holes and tree branches covered with grass. You certainly notice it if you hunt with 6 inch boots or gumboots instead of proper lace up 8 inch boots. You also notice that blackberry and gorse can get between the 6 inch boot and the bottom of your pants, something that never happens with 8 inch boots.

The boots I use are Lowa Z8s. These are the same boots the New Zealand Army use, and are really superb. They are light and durable and still offer awesome ankle protection.

Simon Lusk’s Upland Gear. Lowa Z8s, Cabela’s Upland Jean, Cabela’s Shooting Shirt, Cabela’s Upland Traditions Vest, GoPro, Gloves, Beanie, Sweatband, AJ Call & Ammunition.

A good pair of 1000 denier pants is important. Any less than 1000 denier and the blackberry and gorse will go through the facing. I use Cabelas Upland Jeans, and these work pretty well although I expect to wreck a pair every season, so I usually have two good pairs and few damaged pairs as back up.

The mild winter conditions in Hawkes Bay mean that I am often hunting in 15 degrees Celsius or warmer, and having to work pretty hard to keep up with the dog on broken ground. This means a shirt that lets the sweat out is important. I use Cabelas Classic II Shooting Shirt, and really regret it when I have to hunt in a tshirt.

Protective glasses are important if you hunt as aggressively as I do, as I have had two eye injuries hunting and they get in the way of hunting the next day.

These are the basic items that are required to be able to hunt well. There are other options for the rest of your gear, and while I recommend what I use preference dictates that you may prefer a game bag over a vest, or an ammo belt and a bag.