by Simon Lusk

Whatever game birds I have roasted get turned into soup after I have taken the good meat off them. I like soups meaty so I will often leave pheasant legs on the bird to turn into soup.

Soup recipes can get pretty complex. I am not sure that making a complex soup makes it any more tasty than a basic one so I stick with a basic recipe.

Pheasant or Quail Soup

1. Make a stock out of the carcasses of roasted birds by covering in water in a pot and bringing to the boil. Simmer for about an hour. Keep pot covered so it does not reduce too much.

2. Remove the carcasses from the stock and allow to cool. Remove all the flesh from the carcasses and add back to the stock.

3. Add whatever vegetables you like in a soup. I use carrots, peas and onion most, but will add others including celery, potatoes and sweet potatoes if they are available.

4. Bring to the boil and cook the vegetables through.

5. Using a stick blender process until smooth.

6. Serve with some sour cream, cream and parsley or whatever else you feel like adding.

The fifth step is unnecessary but covers up birds that have been hammered by shot. Soup freezes very well and I usually have a good quantity in the fridge read to eat after a shoot late in the afternoon.

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